US officer fired after violent nurse arrest

The US police officer has been fired, after he was videoed forcefully arresting a nurse who wouldn't comply with his instructions.

Detective Jeff Payne arrested Utah nurse Alex Wubbels in July, after she refused to allow him to obtain a sample of an unconscious patient's blood, because he had neither a warrant nor the patient's consent.

According to reports, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown ruled Mr Payne had violated department policies in the arrest that captured the world's attentionon social media.

During the incident, Ms Wubbels explained to the officers that under a policy agreed to by the police department, she would need a warrant, the patient's consent or the patient would need to be under arrest.

"I'm just trying to do what I'm supposed to do, that's all," she can be heard screaming in the video.

During the incident, Mr Payne appeared angered and grabbed at Ms Wubbels, before gripping her around her torso. 

"We're done," Mr Payne said. "You're under arrest."

He then dragged Ms Wubbels outside as she screamed.

"Somebody help me!" Ms Wubbels cried as Payne pushed her against a wall and handcuffed her. "You're assaulting me! Stop! I've done nothing wrong."