US woman pulls gun on barber for taking too long

US woman pulls gun on barber for taking too long
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Gun control in the US is in the spotlight once more after a Cleveland woman chose to pull out a firearm in response to a barber taking too long to cut her son's hair.

Andrea Smith, 31, has been sentenced to six months in prison after she pleaded guilty to fifth-degree felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon, endangering a child and aggravated menacing.

The bizarre moment came about on April 14 this year, with Smith desperate to find a barber for her son on Easter weekend. However, she couldn't find any places available on the day and settled on a barber at the Allstate Barber College in Ohio City.

However things quickly turned sour when the barber allegedly insulted her parenting ability, on account of her son being unable to stop wriggling in the chair. That provoked an angry response from Smith, who then pulled out a gun on the barber.

She apologised for doing that, but said she reacted aggressively because she feared for her child's safety.

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael Lisk said there was no evidence that the barber provoked an attack, and said it was clear the haircut was simply taking too long.

Smith's lawyer said she had suffered serious consequences as a result of her crime, losing custody of her four children, her house and her job.