US woman steals man's wallet while he suffers seizure

A Utah man was left without his wallet, after an opportunistic thief heartlessly rifled through his pockets and took it, while he suffered a seizure at a convenience store.

Police are now looking for help identifying the thief, after CCTV caught her making the robbery at a Salt Lake 7-Eleven.

Dustin Malone, the epileptic who suffered the seizure, said "[his] jaw hit the desk" when he saw footage of the robbery for the first time.

"As a healthcare provider, especially working with the elderly, nothing gets to me more than somebody who victimizes someone who is medically vulnerable like that," he told

"To take advantage of somebody who was having a medical emergency, it's just a new low."

Immediately after awaking from the seizure, Mr Malone received treatment from paramedics and then realised he no longer had his wallet.

After speaking to 7-Eleven staff about accessing the footage, he was surprised to see a woman standing over his barely conscious body, stealing his credit card.

Police are looking for the woman and are urging anyone who recognises her from the footage to come forward.