Video: Man learns the hard way not to smoke at a petrol station

Petrol station
Photo credit: LiveLeak

Everyone knows the main rules when pulling up to a petrol station, don't use your phone, turn your vehicle off and put out your cigarette before entering.

But for one man in Bulgaria, who refused to put out his cigarette when he got out of his car, he found out the hard way that those rules are there for a reason.

In the video, the man argues with the forecourt attendant who goes to the pump, grabs the fire extinguisher and blasts the man, who unfortunately for him also left his door open.

In an instant the car and the man were doused in fire retardant foam which left quite a mess.

However thanks to the quick thinking forecourt attendant, the petrol station holding hundreds of litres of fuel didn't explode into a ball of flames.

Watch the video.