Women beaten by teen after asking her to be quiet in movie theatre

A Colorado woman has been hospitalised after allegedly being attacked by a rowdy teen.

Heather Piper was attending a movie with a couple of friends on Tuesday night (local time), when a small group of teens allegedly began acting "out of control".

Ms Piper says they were crawling all over the seats and yelling to each other, prompting her to ask them several times to be quiet before eventually raising her voice to tell them to shush.

Despite her attempts to quieten down the teenagers, Ms Piper said that they did not stop acting inappropriately. Eventually another movie goer asked for a security guard to speak to the teens, after which they behaved.

However the peace was short lived. When she left the theatre Ms Piper was accosted by the one of the rowdy teens.

"She was screaming and just punched me on the side of the head," Ms Piper said.

The teen says her attack was motivated by Ms Piper calling her "ghetto", a claim Ms Piper does not deny. 

Due to her status as a foster parent Ms Piper didn't fight back against the assailant, fearing that a fight would jeopardise her licence. 

The teen eventually left and Ms Piper was taken to hospital in an ambulance. She received a black eye, fractured nose, several bruises and scratches.

Local police are currently investigating the incident and checking security camera footage of the alleged attack.