89yo Japanese grandmother discovers the selfie

Her quirky and creative images have made her a star.
Her quirky and creative images have made her a star. Photo credit: Kimiko Nishimoto

A Japanese selfie queen has gone viral after her quirky self-portraits took the internet by storm.

There's just one difference from your usual Instagram star - she's an 89yo grandmother.

Kimiko Nishimoto started practising photography when she was 72.

A friend discovered her hobby, and posted her photo collection online, where it quickly went viral.

She published her first photo collection, titled Hitori ja naka yo (You're not alone) in July last year.

"I'm happy to see people enjoying my selfies" Ms Nishimoto told Japanese newspaper The Mainichi.

Her creative images include her hung from her coat from a laundry pole, and dressed as a mug of beer.

There's one photo where she portrays a chimpanzee, and another where she's dressed as a frog.

She's also not afraid to do her own stunts, with photos showing her apparently falling at high speed off bicycles and mopeds.

Her next collection, titled Asobokane  (let's play) exhibits in Tokyo in December.