Angry dad confronts man who allegedly preyed on underage daughter

A man accused of attempting to blackmail children with offers of phones and celebrity autographs has been exposed by the father of a child he had allegedly tried to groom.

Flanked by the furious dad, two groups of paedophile hunters - Silent Justice and Keeping Kids Safe - confronted Andrew Chaney on his doorstep in Portsmouth, UK.

The groups had set up a swathe of fake children's social media profiles in an effort to prove he was a predator.

Chaney admitted sending images of his penis to children, and was accused of offering iPhones, tablets and autographs of One Direction stars and Olly Murs if they met with him.

Chaney denied that he'd met with any real children, but members of the paedophile hunting groups that cornered him said he'd been talking with at least 20 of their fake profiles online.

The father of one of his would-be victims can be heard in the video, and explains to Chaney that one of the underage girls he was caught randomly messaging was his 15-year-old daughter.

The father said he was having to sit on his hands to stop himself throwing a punch at Chaney.

"Sorry, I didn't realise," Chaney can be heard responding.

The video of the groups' confrontation of Chaney, which concludes with the arrival of police officers, has been watched 526,000 times.