Time running out for missing submarine

The search is continuing for an Argentinian navy submarine after sounds detected close to where it went missing aren't believed to have come from the ill-fated vessel. 

Forty four crew are on board the submarine, which went missing in the South Atlantic five days ago. 

It was thought sounds detected by a search vessel in the area resembled objects being smashed against a submarine's hull, but hope it came from the missing vessel was dashed after analysis found the noise wasn't metallic. The navy says the source of the mysterious sound is "biological". 

It's a disappointing blow for the family members of the crew who are yet to find out the fate of their loved ones. The five-day search has entered what the navy says is a "critical phase", as the submarine only has seven days worth of oxygen reserves.

A huge number of international ships and planes are braving waves as high as 10m off the coast of Patagonia, where the submarine was last heard from.