Aussie man arrested after McDonald's rampage

Aussie man arrested after McDonald's rampage
Photo credit: Facebook

One man's rampage in an Australian McDonald's has gone viral after he was filmed angrily abusing staff and bashing equipment.

The video shows a man inside the Wodonga McDonald's hitting the cash register and throwing the straw holder to the floor.

He was standing over a broken chilly bin with beer bottles strewn all over the ground as he angrily demanded food.

"I want what I paid for," he said.

"I want my f**king food."

Staff asked him to leave multiple times but he continued to verbally abuse them, calling one female manager a c**t. 

The video has now been viewed over 1 million times and has received over 5000 reacts and 11,000 comments.

Victoria police are investigating the incident, telling the man complied with instructions once they arrived on the scene.

He was arrested after the incident and will appear in court in the New Year.

"He has been charged with criminal damage, [public] drunkeness and other related offences, and was bailed to appear at Wodonga Magistrates' Court next year," a spokesperson told the outlet.


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