Aussie mates' backyard waterslide brings 'street together'

A group of mates on Australia's west coast have "brought the street together" with their four metre high DIY backyard waterslide leading into a residential pool.

Luke Newton and his mates assembled the attraction made up of scaffolding and three separate slides and has been asked by neighbours and kids if they could also have a go.

"You can't keep them away the poor parents around us have to put up their kids everyday screaming to have a go on the slide," he says.

"They're all knocking on my door, it's brought the street together."

However the local City of Joondalup Council is trying to water down the group's fun by ordering the home owner to have it removed within in 14 days.

"The water slide leading into a residential pool is in breach of building and planning laws, specifically posing a serious safety and wellbeing risk as it provides unrestricted access to the pool" it told 7 News' Sunrise.

Mr Newton concedes he wants to "work with the council" to keep the slippery slide as part of his background feature heading into the sweltering heat of summer.