Australian man named 'Meow-Ludo' fined for implanting bus card into hand

A Sydney man is heading to court in his battle to keep using a chip implanted into his hand as his bus card.

Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow (actual name) tampered with his Opal bus card and implanted the chip into his skin to allow him access to public transport by swiping his hand.

However, Transport for NSW takes a dim view of the modifications, saying Mr Meow-Meow had illegally tampered with the card and issuing him with an AU$200 fine. 

Mr Meow-Meow is fighting the fine, saying he finds it ridiculous.

"I'm flabbergasted, I think it's ridiculous," he told 7 News Australia. "The fact they want to shut down the most innovative thing to happen in public transport in Sydney."

Mr Meow-Meow has had his unique name for some time and says he changed it because he wanted something with a bit of novelty.

"I was name agnostic," he told the Huffington Post Australia. "I thought it would be a really interesting experience to change your name, because not many people have that experience.

"I sat down with a group of friends and made a list of names that sounded fun, and then we thought of which ones rolled off the tongue the nicest. 

"We came up with one that we thought was novel and fun, and I changed it."

Mr Meow-Meow is active in the Science Party Australia and is currently working on a campaign to contest the New England by-election, after former MP Barnaby Joyce was forced to stand down and stand for re-election in a dual-citizenship scandal.