Australian school leaver lights his bum on fire

Australian school leaver lights his bum on fire
Photo credit: 9 News

A group of teens have videoed a fiery accident during their end-of-school-year celebrations.

Video from 9News shows the revellers drinking heavily before apparently attempting to light the methane gas from one of their farts on fire.

The young man at the centre of the stunt drinks clear spirits from a bottle before lowering his pants and turning around.

One of his friends then holds a lighter while a third person sprays gas from an aerosol towards his backside.

The aerosol may have been a bridge too far, as the gas ignites and blasts him in the backside. His friends leap forward and put out the fire.

He then screams in pain and curls into a ball on a nearby bed.

He seems unfazed, however, as he breaks into laughter shortly after the flames are extinguished.