Australian youth detention 'breaking' children - report

  • 18/11/2017

A damning report has found shocking systemic failures in the handling of children in youth detention centres in the Australian Northern Territory.

Inmates were stripped naked, subjected to tear gas attacks and strapped to chairs for hours on end.

The report calls for the most infamous of the centres, Don Dale, to be closed, as well as a change in focus from punishment to rehabilitation.

Video from three years ago shows a teenager named Jake throwing furniture at the walls in Don Dale after being trapped in solitary confinement for up to 15 days.

Staff at the centre later tear gassed the teenager, affecting the five other children locked in cells at the same unit.

Jake has now left Don Dale and is telling others about the abuse he was subjected to at the centre.

"They all just jumped on me. One of the guards, they put their knee on my head and was holding me down."

The Australian government has admitted it failed the children that need it the most, and apologised.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the report has implications for the entire country.

Channel 4 News