Barack Obama arrives in court for jury duty

Former US President Barack Obama drew a crowd on Wednesday, when he showed up at a Chicago courtroom for jury service.

Mr Obama, who was the leader of the free world 12 months ago, arrived at the Richard J Daley Center at 10am ready for service, but was dismissed just two hours later.

Cook County chief judge, Timothy Evans, later told media Mr Obama would not be serving.

Regardless, his presence was cause for hordes of people to come to the downtown Chicago court in hopes of a photo of the ex-President, or even just a glimpse.

The crowds outside the courtroom.
The crowds outside the courtroom. Photo credit: Getty

Reports suggest Mr Obama greeted each fellow member of jury service, even signing copies of his book for those who'd brought it knowing he'd be there.

Mr Obama would've earned US$17.20 (NZ$24.70) a day if he'd been selected for jury service, substantially smaller than the US$1095 (NZ$1575) he earned daily as President.