British flyers want plus-sized passengers given their own area

New research by flight price comparison website JetCost shows Brits overwhelmingly favour the creation of plus-size areas on planes for overweight passengers.

The survey found 79 percent of UK residents over the age of 18 thought passengers should have a zone on planes with seats that would more adequately accommodate their size.

Other countries agreed with Britain, research shows, with France, Italy and Spain all clearly favouring the idea. Germany strongly disagreed, with 68 percent against it.

A whopping 91 percent of the 2494 respondents said obese passengers should be charged more for the "luxury" of a larger seat.

"Having a separate area on the plane isn't about segregating plus-sized passengers, it's about making sure the flight is comfortable for everyone, not just those fortunate enough to fit into the standard sized seats," a JetCost spokesperson said.

"With wider aisles and seats, and more leg room in front, plus-sized passengers would be able to enjoy the flight far more, not having to worry about the person sat next to them, what they're thinking and if they're comfortable."

Half of the passengers surveyed told JetCost that overweight people encroached on their space when given standard-sized seats, making it less comfortable for them.

Despite that, only 34 percent did something to remedy the problem, and only 20 percent asked if they could move seat.