British supermarket Tesco attacked after Muslims feature in Christmas advert

British supermarket chain Tesco has been attacked for featuring Muslims in its Christmas TV commercial.

The advert features a series of short clips of families celebrating the Christian holiday, and the various ways they prepare their turkey on the big day.

However at one point, it also shows a trio of Muslim women greeting one another in a house, with tinsel and a wreath adorning the walls.

The advert has drawn criticism, both from Christians offended that it features Muslims, and Muslims who did not want to be linked with the celebration.

Tesco has responded to the anger - and a subsequent hashtag of #BoycottTesco - by offering a statement explaining it was simply trying to promote diversity.

"Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we're proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season," a spokesperson told The Independent.

However the ad's not just attracted ire for religious reasons - with some also taking aim at its emphasis on meat as a focal element of Christmas.