Camera catches British fox hunter's attack on protesters

Disturbing footage has emerged of a hunter brutally attacking protesters, who had sabotaged her pursuit of a fox.

A video, filmed by a member of the animal rights group Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, shows a woman charging her horse into a group of demonstrators and the exchange of words that follows.

It seems like just a heated war of words - but one of the protesters then grabs the horse's bridle and the angry rider lashes out furiously.

She is shown striking the demonstrator repeatedly with her whip, hitting him 17 times with force, before other protesters intervene.

Scuffles between hunters and protesters are shown at other points in the video, although they're nothing compared to the ferocity of the female hunter's violent attack.

Hunt intervention by animal welfare activists is increasingly common in the UK, where fox hunting has long been a traditional activity, but using packs of dogs  was recently made illegal.

At some point over the next three years, parliament will hold a free vote on repealing that ban.