Car rolls into pool after driver forgets handbrake

A Gold Coast resident's summer could be off to a shaky start after a car rolled into their swimming pool.

The car, believed to belong to a neighbour across the street, crashed through the fence and into the backyard pool after its owner forgot to put the handbrake on.

A spokesperson for Queensland police told Yahoo7 News that the incident occurred at a property in Arundel, a suburb on the outskirts of Gold Coast.

The unusual case of forced entry woke up the neighbourhood early on Tuesday morning, at about 6:45am (local time).

"It appears the handbrake failed or was not applied," the spokesperson said.

No one was in the car at the time, and there were no injuries.

The police spokesperson confirmed that a crane had been called in to hoist the submerged car out of the pool, Yahoo7 News reported.

The car in question is believed to belong to a person living across the street from the property with the pool.