Crocodiles leave Aussie fishermen trapped on car for five days

A pair of Australian fishermen have been forced to camp on top of their ute for several nights after their car became bogged in mangroves.

ABC Kimberly reports Charlie Williams and Beau Bryce-Maurice became stuck in mangroves last Friday.

The pair, along with their dog Mindee, became trapped when they tried to turn around on a sand track and their ute sunk into the soft ground.

The area the ute became stuck in was about 100 metres from mangroves, a popular habitat for crocodiles in the area. 

The car once it became stuck.
The car once it became stuck. Photo credit: Supplied

The pair began to worry about the salt water crocs when on the second night they noticed some eyes watching Mindee from shallow water near the car. 

Trapped on top of the vehicle from then on, the men used blankets to create a shade in the tray of the ute and waited for rescue. 

According to police, when they were discovered on Tuesday the men were "traumatised" by the incident and very aware of the danger they had been in.

"They were quite happy to see us and obviously quite upset, crying," Broome police sergeant Mark Balfour told ABC.

"Being out there for five days in this kind of country and with the weather being quite hot, I don't know what would have been going through their heads."

The men were fatigued, dehydrated and had heat stroke after temperatures peaked at 35degC during their ordeal.