Dashcam captures plane crashing on Florida highway

Spectacular dashcam footage has shown the moment an aircraft struck a tree and crashed as the pilot tried to make an emergency landing on a main road in Florida.

The light plane was carrying two passengers, 61-year-old Marc Allen Benedict and 55-year-old Gergory Guinee, but both miraculously emerged from the crash unscathed, despite their heavy landing.

Video of the incident, filmed on the dash camera of a local deputy sheriff, shows the aircraft hurtling towards the road at speed before it cuts out of view.

The sheriff then turns his vehicle around to offer his assistance, and footage shows just how violently the plane collided with the ground.

A tree had been struck by the aircraft's left wing and almost completely obliterated, causing the plane to spin out in mid-air, which likely instigated the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are now investigating the incident, according to reports.