Daughter sends her father's hotel carpet Instagram viral

Daughter sends her father's hotel carpet Instagram viral
Photo credit: Instagram/ @MyHotelCarpet

A Texas man's hotel carpet-based Instagram has gone viral, after his daughter shared it on Twitter.

Buzzfeed reports Bill Young created the Instagram to keep himself occupied, while he travelled by himself as a corporate pilot.

Originally, Mr Young would only post the photos to his own Instagram, but made a separate account @MyHotelCarpet at the suggestion of his wife.

The account remained little known, with only 82 followers, until daughter Jill came home for Thanksgiving and posted a request to Twitter, asking for the account to go viral.

"All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad's hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen," she wrote.

Twitter users complied with more than 150 replies and 8000 retweets. Users praised the Instagram for its "pure nature" and the account's follower count rocketed.

"This is too pure," one user said.

"This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life," another said.

Mr Young's Instagram now has nearly 500,000 followers, but he has no plans to break the established pattern.

"I want to keep it semi-pure," he told Buzzfeed. "I'm not looking to sell out."