Donald Trump drinking water distracts from 'major announcement'

Who knew Donald Trump's attempt to swig some water would be the highlight of his highly anticipated "major announcement"?

After at first saying, "They don't have water, that's okay," Mr Trump leant over from the lectern to pick up a bottle of Pure Fiji water.

There was a brief struggle to open it before he took a few sips and returned to speaking.

It's attracted a lot of attention on social media.

"Trump holds the bottle with two hands like it's a baby bottle. Fitting," said Democrat supporter Scott Dworkin on Twitter.

Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis pointed out: "Trump drinks FIJI water while decrying trade deficits."

But not everyone cared, let alone found it entertaining. 

"Sorry, guys, I don't really care if Trump drank some water during a speech," said conservative blogger Jim Geraghty.

"If you're criticising President Trump for the brand of bottled water he drank, you probably need to get a life," said TV host Liz Wheeler, of the pro-Trump One America News Network.

Tweeters have also pointed out that Mr Trump once mocked another US politician, Marco Rubio, for the way that he drank water during a speech.

Kyle Griffin tweeted a video of the incident.