Dramatic police chase through NSW city

A dramatic pursuit on foot and by car through suburban Wollongong, south of Sydney, has been captured from above.

A pair of men, aged 24 and 26, sped recklessly through the streets, crashing into barricades and swerving through traffic before abandoning their vehicle and fleeing into bushland.

They were eventually intercepted by police officers as they attempted to flee by wading through an underwater canal.

The men then surrendered, raising their arms in the air before being wrestled to the ground by police.

Just prior to the pursuit, police allege the pair were in a stolen car south-west of Sydney, where they crashed into an electrical substation, causing a loss of power in the area.

Police believe the men may be responsible for a spree of aggravated robberies and car thefts throughout Australia in the last 4 days.