Florida man tries to burgle vehicle full of police officers, gets arrested

He chose the wrong vehicle to try to break into.
He chose the wrong vehicle to try to break into. Photo credit: Pasco Sheriff's Office

Florida man has struck again - this time after attempting to break into an unmarked vehicle full of police officers.

Earlier in the month, 49-year-old Stephen Titland was caught on surveillance video as he went from car to car down a street attempting to burgle one. However, all the doors were locked, and he wasn't able to gain entry.

The next day Titland had more success, when he found an unlocked vehicle.

But to his horror it wasn't empty. Instead, it was an unmarked Pasco Sheriff's Office vehicle, occupied by members of the Strategic Targeted Area Response Team.

Titland was already on felony probation for a burglary and criminal mischief conviction when his attempted break-ins occurred.

He now faces seven more charges over his attempted burglaries.