German man gets penis stuck in dumbbell weight

The dumbbell weight post removal.
The dumbbell weight post removal. Photo credit: Instagram/Feuerwehr Worms

A German man has found himself in a tight spot after getting his penis stuck threaded through the middle of a dumbbell weight.

The unnamed fitness fanatic arrived in hospital in Worms, Germany with a red face and painfully enlarged penis, reports The Sun.

Hospital staff quickly realised they didn't have the equipment to help the man and called in the fire brigade. 

A tense three hours followed as firefighters used a grinder and vibrating saw to remove the weight from the man's genitals. 

After the operation the fire brigade posted a photo of the destroyed weight, calling the event a "curious training accident".

"How delicate some of our firefighters can be was shown when we called in support of the hospital," said a spokesperson.

"One person had a very sensitive body part wedged in the hole of a 2.5kg dumbbell disc.

"The dumbbell weight could be removed after three hours with the help of a grinder, a vibration saw and a hydraulic rescue device."

A photo of the man's swollen genitals was supposed to be kept on record by the hospital, but somehow made its way online and has spread across social media.

Hospital management has ordered an enquiry into the leak, furious that pictures of the horrific injury have spread online.

The man is reported to be making a full recovery.