Going underground: The Americans who fear nuclear war

  • 12/11/2017

With North Korea threatening a nuclear strike on the US, an all-American industry is exploding as people scramble to protect themselves.

One such example is Roberta Griffin and her husband Fernando Munoz, who have created a private doomsday hideaway outside the small, scenic railroad town of Gallup. 

Their modern-day bomb shelter, in case of a nuclear attack, is built 18 steps down and six metres underground.

Ms Griffin bought the US$80,000 (NZ$115,302) galvanised steel bunker when they moved from southern California in 2017. 

"All the situations going on in the world - I just had this panic feeling," she said. 

Ms Griffin and her husband could live with two other relatives for weeks or months in this 8m-long shelter, outfitted with an air-filtration system that's powered by a hand-crank. 

She's also stored two years' worth of freeze-dried food under the floor. 

"I feel at peace now. Now that I have it down here, I feel safe".

Watch the video for the full CBS report.