Hawaiian plane's engine bursts into flames on US runway

A Hawaiian Airlines plane's engine erupted into flames after it landed at Seattle Airport on Tuesday evening.

The terrifying moment was caught on camera by stunned onlookers inside the terminal.

Only crew members were on board the flight, which was being flown to a maintenance centre.

The aircraft "experienced a left engine issue on final approach," Sea-Tac spokesperson told media.

"A left engine fire reported upon landing was extinguished by the aircraft fire extinguishing system and local fire officials."

But the Federal Aviation Administration told The Independent the plane "experienced a right engine flyer fire upon landing".

"The fire had already been extinguished by the time fire crews arrived at the aircraft."

The footage shows the fire is however in the left-hand engine. Flames could be seen dying down as the pilot appeared to shut off the engine.

The Sea-Tac spokesperson told media there were no injuries.