Health crisis worsening on Manus Island

Advocates for 600 people detained on Manus Island say the health crisis there is worsening six days after authorities walked away.

With Australia turning down New Zealand's offer to take in 150 refugees "for now", Newshub has spoken to a man who fell sick over the weekend with scant access to healthcare.

Farhad Rahmati had heart attack symptoms four days after authorities walked out and the refugees barricaded themselves in.

"It took them almost five hours to come pick me up and take me to a local hospital, local clinic to actually just check my blood pressure and send me back," he said.

Mr Rahmati says others are also getting sick. One person collapsed with a heart condition, another suffered a kidney problem and many have diarrhoea as they drink rainwater and dirty well water. 

He wants to continue his career as an engineer in New Zealand but says he's been forgotten.

Australian lawyers were arguing for a court to mandate better treatment of the 600 former detainees today.

Meanwhile Papua New Guinea's immigration minister Petrus Thomas said it would "very much appreciate New Zealand's assistance", stating "it's Australia's responsibility to settle the detainees in a third country."

Australia's opposition agrees that our offer to take 150 refugees should be taken up.

Australian Labor's Shadow Immigration Minister Shayne Neumann said "We do accept and we thank New Zealand for their generosity. They should be asking the Americans to expedite the US resettlement arrangement and they should be accepting this offer from New Zealand."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the offer to take 150 asylum seekers is still on the table, but she won't bypass Australia to speak with Papua New Guinea directly.

The most important player Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remains unmoved. "We thank New Zealand for making this offer, but we are not taking it up at this time," he said.

But time is running out for the detainees.