Huge 7.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Iraq-Iran border

At least 61 people have died after a massive earthquake struck northern Iraq, right on its border with Iran.

The tremors - at a magnitude of 7.3 and depth of 33.9km - shook buildings and brought traffic to a standstill in many regions, according to witnesses.

The quake was situated about 200km from Baghdad, where it was felt strongly - Al Jazeera reporting that cars came to a standstill as buildings began to sway in the city.

But it was also felt further afield, with some reporting they experienced shakes in Turkey, Kuwait, Syria and Israel, as well as the adjacent Iran.

The US Geological Survery has issued an 'orange' alert for "shaking-related fatalities and economic losses".

It is not known whether there are any injuries or deaths as a result of the quake, but electricity and damage has been recorded in eight Iranian villages, according to reports from state TV.