'I'm walking!': Boy with no arms or legs takes first steps

  • 25/11/2017
Four-year-old Camden walks for the first time.
Four-year-old Camden walks for the first time. Photo credit: Facebook / Katie Whidden

A United States mother has shared the touching moment her limbless son walks for the first time.

"I'm walking!" four-year-old Texas-born Camden says as he moves towards his father, Cole Greene, while balanced upright.

"You're sitting up all by yourself," Mr Green says with his hands outstretched.

"You're balancing so good. You're doing a great job, buddy. Almost there."

"I'm almost crying," his mother Katie Whiddon says from behind the camera.

The minute-long clip ends with Camden falling into his father's arms.

"I didn't know when that day would come," Ms Whiddon told People.

"I didn't think he was ready for it yet and I was just so shocked and happy."

Camden was born with no arms or legs, suffering from a syndrome called amelia-phocomelia.

Within three days of being posted to Facebook the clip has racked up 3000 "likes" and hundreds of comments.

"Oh my heart!" one user commented.

"I'm glad he's got such a positive community, including adults to provide such encouragement," another commented.

"I have a son with special needs and all milestones are appreciated in ways others can't imagine."