Internet shames plane passenger for disgusting mess on flight

The aftermath of the passengers dinner.
The aftermath of the passengers dinner. Photo credit: Reddit/Trashy

The internet has reacted with disgust, after a photo showed a mess created by a seemingly uncaring airplane passenger. 

The image shows the remains of a half-eaten airline dinner and rubbish dumped in the aisle, as the man reads a book unbothered.

While he may have not been bothered by the mess, internet users certainly were. 

Fox5 reported the photo was shared to Reddit and Instagram, and social media users were quick to condemn the man.

"What a dirt bag passenger, has he ever fessed up to his shitty behaviour," one user wrote.

"What makes these people so special or impatient they can't hold their own trash," another user said.

Since being posted, the photo has received more than 2000 comments on Reddit and 403 on Instagram.

The man is not the only person to be caught making a mess on flights, as the concept of passenger shaming explodes on the internet. 

The Instagram account that posted the photo, called Passenger Shaming, has more than 550,000 followers and features several disgusting incidents on flights.

Photos on the account show passengers putting their bare feet on other passenger's seats, dirty nappies left in airplane bathrooms and large amounts of rubbish left behind on planes.