Jacinda Ardern gives $3 million to Manus Island

Jacinda Ardern has given $3 million of taxpayer money to help refugees on Manus Island.

The money will go to either the Papua New Guinea government or the Red Cross, and will be used to assist the stranded refugees.

Ms Ardern made the offer after discussing the deal with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who again refused the initial offer of New Zealand taking 150 refugees.

Ms Ardern has discussed the matter twice informally with Turnbull at the East Asia Summit, but did not get the "substantive meeting" she wanted.

However she said she did not get "snubbed", adding that every time she's asked to meet with an Australian official about Manus Island, her request has been accepted.

"I can tell you that New Zealand's offer remains on the table. It remains on the table because the need remains," Ms Ardern told reporters.

"We believe we have a role to play as members of the international community and as neighbours to Australia, to offer our support in finding a resolution to this situation."

Ms Ardern said she and Mr Turnbull had agreed to get officials started in a process, so if Australia did take up the offer, it would be able to happen quickly.

"That is more progress than we've had on the offer in a number of years," she said.

"We accept it will take some time to process those on Manus Island and on Nauru - a number of months - so working together now is important so we are prepared if and when Australia takes up that offer."

Ms Ardern says in the interim period, when either New Zealand or the US processes the Manus Island refugees, they have to ensure those there are getting appropriate care - hence the $3 million offered in aid.