Man claims masturbation clears his stuffy nose

Man claims masturbation clears his stuffy nose
Photo credit: CBS/The Doctors

An American man has claimed masturbation cleared his sinuses and doctors think he may be right.

Skyler, from Arizona, says when he was unable to sleep due to a blocked nose he decided to take care of the problem himself, the Daily Mail reports. 

He appeared on the show The Doctors to discuss his theory, and professionals were able to explain the science behind his trick.

Urologist Aaron Spitz explained that ejaculation can create a reaction in the body that clears a stuffy nose.

"When a man reaches his climax there is a sudden form of adrenaline that's making his penis exert semen," he told the Daily Mail.

This causes the muscles in the nose to squeeze, shrinking the tissue in the nose and stopping snot from seeping through, he said.  

A 2008 study in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses agrees with Skylar's theory, saying ejaculation can be a strategy for clearing the nose alongside pharmaceuticals.

The Daily Mail has reported multiple studies have been conducted on how a climax affects the body.

Researchers discovered that for both men and women there could be an increase in immunity and reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes.