McDonald's drive-thru descends into chaos over nuggets order

  • 13/11/2017

Two McDonald's customers have taken their quest for nuggets to new heights with the pair climbing into the drive-thru window and attacking an employee, who said they forgot to order them.

The moment was captured at an Indianapolis McDonald's in the early hours of Friday morning (local time) by Monique McNeely, the woman in the car behind them.

She was just wanting pick up some food and coffee for her and her daughter when she stumbled upon the scarcely believable scenario.

"I had just placed my order and I was driving around the corner when I heard all this shouting," Ms McNeely recounted to the IndyStar.

"And I saw two girls just dive through the drive-thru window. Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video."

In the clip she filmed, one of the girls can be seen with her head pushed out the drive-thru window by the McDonald's server, throwing punches at somebody inside the restaurant. The girls responsible can then be seen jumping back out the window and into their car, all the while yelling threats.

Ms McNeely said she had to hide her face from the attackers, out of fear that they'd come for her next - but while she's pretty sure they saw her, they just got back into their vehicle and sped off.

The altercation came about when the two girls complained that they'd never received the Chicken McNuggets they'd ordered and paid for - but instead of then receiving them, the server showed them a receipt proving they weren't on their order.