Meet the robot that can run, jump and backflip perfectly

Atlas 'celebrates' its successful backflip.
Atlas 'celebrates' its successful backflip. Photo credit: YOUTUBE/BOSTONDYNAMICS

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has unveiled the impressive acrobatics capabilities of robot Atlas in a new video. 

In a clip titled, "What's new Atlas?", posted on Thursday, the machine is shown deftly jumping from block to block and turning 180-degrees in mid-air, as well as executing a perfect backflip to land securely on its feet. The robot even lifts its arms up in seeming celebration after executing the jump.

Clips of the company's advanced machines often go viral, and Atlas is no exception, lighting up social media with more than 6 million views in 48 hours. 

Some Twitter users were quick to respond with worry about the overthrow of mankind.

"Do you want Terminators? Because this is how you get Terminators." one man warned, while another reminded us to "#benicetoyourrobot".

Readers who share concerns over our eventual robot overlords should watch to the end of the clip - terminators probably aren't as close as you fear.