Syria begins to rebuild after six years of war

After six years of vicious conflict in which over 11 million people have been forced to flee their homes, rebuilding efforts have started in Syria.

In Ma'ardes in Northern Hama, UNICEF has begun bringing desperately needed aid, after the region was freed from rebel control in April this year.

Remnants of the war reportedly still litter the rubble, Newshub was told that just last week an eight-year-old boy was carrying his younger brother when he stepped on an explosive device. They were both killed instantly.

According to UNICEF, child labour, child marriage and child trafficking has been widespread since war began more than six years ago.

UNICEF have established a child protection centre in the ravaged region, providing mine safety training, basic care and psychotherapy.

Hassan, a school principal who has recently returned to Ma'ardes with his family, is glad to be back but told Newshub that there is still no reliable running water or power supply, and no form of heating the upcoming winter.

Aid agencies have worked to bring a temporary generator to the region to provide running water, but say it will take at least six months before there is a more permanent solution.

The region will need support from the international community for years to come.