Missing sub probably sunk by explosion

  • 24/11/2017
The ARA San Juan
The ARA San Juan. Photo credit: Reuters

An abnormal sound detected in the South Atlantic ocean around the time that an Argentine navy submarine sent its last signal last week is "consistent with an explosion," a navy spokesman says.

Spokesman Enrique Balbi described the blast in the morning of November 15 as "abnormal, singular, short, violent" and "non-nuclear".

A huge sea and air hunt is being conducted for the ARA San Juan, which went missing with 44 crew on board. More than a dozen boats and aircraft from Argentina, the US, Britain, Chile and Brazil have joined the search effort. Authorities have mainly been scanning the sea from above, as storms have made it difficult for boats.

Satellite communications detected last weekend were at first believed to have come from the missing submarine, but that was later ruled out.

Reuters / Newshub.