New father killed in crash after sleepless nights

Car driver
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The tired father of a newborn baby may have fallen asleep at the wheel before veering off an overpass, an inquest in the UK has heard.

The 33-year-old was driving to work when he was killed in the tragic accident in Gloucestershire on July 11, according to The Mirror.

Dimitrios Doxiandis usually got up at 4:40am and left home at 6am each day to get to work, but on the morning of his death he and his wife had been woken up early by their five-week-old baby.

Mr Doxiandis' vehicle veered off the overpass and onto the road below at about 7am, The Mirror reports.

Assistant Gloucestershire coroner Caroline Saunders said he either fell asleep at the wheel or there was a point of misjudgement when he veered off the road at a left-hand bend.

There was no evidence the man had suffered a medical episode or had consumed any drugs or alcohol. Ms Saunders said the sleepless nights were a contributing factor to his loss of control.