New Zealand woman's throat slit four times by abusive Aussie ex

A New Zealand mother is lucky to be alive after her abusive Australian ex slit her throat four times and left her to die.

Rachele Godsall, 45, was viciously attacked by Brad Peterson last week after she ended her violent relationship with him.

"He just grabbed a knife and he just looked at me and just cut my throat," she told Seven News on Thursday. "And then he did it three more times."

As she bled out of the floor, Peterson left her to die.

"Once he's seen the blood spurting out, I was holding on to my throat and he kind of got off me," Ms Godsall said.

But she survived the brutal attack, clinging to life for her family. "I just wanted to see my kids and my granddaughter," she said.

Peterson stole her car and drove off. He died in a car crash several hours later after driving into oncoming traffic.

Godsall managed to seek aid from a neighbour, and was taken to hospital.

She is currently in a serious trauma unit in one of Perth's hospitals, having had surgery to repair her wind pipe.

She has had a tracheotomy inserted to allow her to breathe and has major wounds on her arm and hand as she fought him to stay alive.

Her sister, Justine, has launched a GoFundMe in an appeal for help with the bills.

"On Monday 30th October my sister Rachele, a Kiwi living in Perth, was brutally attacked over several hours, by her ex-partner in her own home," it reads.

"Rachele supports her daughter and grandaughter on a single wage and now she cannot work for, at a minimum 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly she can heal and how well her physio works.

"Any help at all you can give would be greatly appreciated by both me and Rachele and her kids - Kaea and Tane, who are doing all they can to look after their Mum right now."