Nutribullet sued for causing burns

A go-to device in thousands of Kiwi kitchens could potentially be dangerous.

The company behind Nutribullet is being sued by 22 Americans who claim their blenders shattered in use, leaving them with burns and scars.

Sheryl Utal used her Nutribullet daily for years, until one morning it exploded after about 20 seconds of use, causing second-degree burns.

"It just came flying out all over me, all over the kitchen, the ceiling, the walls," she told CBS. "It was on my chest and it had also hit me in the face as well."

Rosa Rivera says her face was badly burned when her Nutribullet shattered.

"I want to tell people don't use this product no more, because it's dangerous," she said.

Danny Abit, the plaintiffs' attorney, claims a manufacturing defect can cause pressure to build up within the blender.

"The spinning creates heat and pressure inside the canister, and the canister can blow up," he told CBS.

Nutribullet is contesting the lawsuits, saying in a statement that "reports of our blenders causing injury are extremely rare".

"We typically find customers have failed to adhere to the operating instructions and warnings provided," it read.

"We have 22 cases, and we're one firm in Los Angeles," retorted Mr Abit.

Ms Utal said she wants her lawsuit to warn others of the Nutribullet's potential dangers.

"Had I known that that device could hurt me, I wouldn't have used it," she said. "And so that's what I want people to know, is that those can hurt you."