Oklahoma City car chase livestreamed on Facebook

  • 11/11/2017

A driver in Oklahoma City has led police on a crazy car chase that lasted for three hours.

Schools were put on lockdown as police pursued the driver of the stolen pick-up truck through streets, across country and eventually into a pond.

The suspect went on Facebook Live during the chase to apologise and ask for an attorney while he wove in an out of farm fields, leaving officers trailing in a cloud of dust.

News cameras caught the action as the truck cut through parking lots, squeezed through gates and crossed double-yellow lines - barely missing oncoming traffic.

Police threw stop-sticks in front of the truck several times, but the driver always managed to get around them.

Sometimes police officers had their guns trained on the driver, but did not shoot. He stopped at one point to pull a toolbox off the back of the vehicle, and that was when someone with a gun shot out his back tyre.

But he continued driving on the rim, leaving crop circles in the fields. The chase got very tense when a cop car hit the pick-up, almost sending it into a news van.

The chase ended when the driver backed into a pond and the vehicle became trapped. He jumped out and attempted to flee; however, officers Tasered him and he was led away in handcuffs.

CBS News