Pictures show Manus Island refugees living in squalor

The situation on the troubled Manus Island continues to deteriorate.

Almost 500 asylum seekers are preparing for the event they'll be forcefully removed from the detention camp.

Living in squalor but staying in defiance, the inside of the Manus Island detention centre is still home to 470 refugees.

Pictures taken 10 days after the centre officially closed show shocking conditions.

The refugees remain there despite no access to regular food. Their electricity is gone; the water has been turned off.

Time is ticking - the remaining occupants had until Saturday to leave. Local authorities have started dismantling makeshift shelters.

There are also reports rubbish bins used to conserve water have been destroyed. It is feared refugees will now be removed "with force".

"The situation has got considerably worse - there are now threats from PNG employees

that force will be used against the people in the detention camps to get them out of there," says Ian Routoil from the Refugee Action Coalition.

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton has his own opinion about the pictures, suggesting they show deliberate damage.

"People are saying, 'Well, uh no, I'm not going to leave; I'm going to stay here and trash the place.'"

That's instead of shifting to replacement accommodation in Lorengau. 

But the United Nations says it's not ready. There are also concerns around the refugees' safety in the local community.

"There are weekly, if not multi-times a week, attacks, robberies, muggings - sometimes vicious with machetes," says Mr Routoil.

Refugees Newshub spoke to on Saturday afternoon said they've been assured they won't be forced out on Saturday.

But it's still not a matter of if, but when, they will have to go.