Plane makes emergency landing after woman uncovers husband's cheating

The couple and their baby were offloaded at Chennai Airport.
The couple and their baby were offloaded at Chennai Airport. Photo credit: Getty

British playwright William Congreve once famously wrote that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

And his point has been proven by reports from India that a Qatar Airways plane, travelling to Bali from Doha, was forced to make an emergency landing when a woman discovered her husband's infidelity.

According to India Today, the Iranian woman was heavily inebriated and only found out about her spouse's cheating, when she used his finger on a touch sensor to unlock his phone, while he slept.

Learning of at least one another woman romantically involved with her man, she then sparked a very loud altercation with him, while flight attendants tried to quell the situation.

However the woman was clearly distressed, drunk, and unwilling to co-operate - so, after several attempts to calm her, they made the decision to divert the flight to Chennai.

The woman, her husband and their young child were then dropped off, and the flight continued to Bali, according to officials.

The family was taken to Kuala Lumpur, before taking a connecting flight back to Doha.


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