Poverty stricken children's heartbreaking Christmas requests

Poverty stricken children's heartbreaking Christmas requests
Photo credit: Facebook/Things of My Very Own

A New York charity has exposed the realities of Christmas for poor children, after publicising the results of a project asking kids what they want for Christmas.

The children asked for items most people wouldn't think twice about, such as snacks for school or a warm coat.

"I want school snacks so I'm not the only one not eating during snack time at school. I wear size 12 and I like Pokémon," one child wrote.

"I want warm blankets and a coat. I have a single bed. I like the colour blue, I wear size 16 and I am a nice person," another child wrote.

The charity Things of My Very Own posted the notes on Facebook, as part of a promotion to allow individuals to donate goods children want or need for Christmas.

Local businesses will display the tags, which are then picked up by locals who donate what the child has requested.

The Facebook page Love What Matters shared a story from the organiser describing discovering a young child who had red welts caused by clothing that was too small for her.

"She was also 14 and came in wearing clothing that would have fit a small nine-year-old. I remember seeing her change for bed and noticed reddish-purplish welts on her skin," the post said.

"Her clothing had literally injured her."