Remaining refugees removed from Manus Island camp

Asylum seekers refuse to leave the centre.
Asylum seekers refuse to leave the centre. Photo credit: AAP

The Australian Government has confirmed that remaining refugees at the Manus Island detention centre have been removed.

About 400 refugees were refusing to leave the centre, fearing that their replacement accommodation was incomplete and unsafe.

Power, water and food supplies were cut to the original centre nearly a month ago, but the refugees remained, saying the detention centre was better than the new accommodation.

Today, Papua New Guinea police intervened and formally removed refugees from the premises.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton issued a short statement on the removal, saying reports of violence towards the detainees were exaggerated.

"Advocates in Australia are again, today, making inaccurate and exaggerated claims of violence and injuries on Manus, but fail to produce any evidence to prove these allegations," he said.

Manus advocates posted a video on Twitter on Friday, showing police hitting the refugees with batons.