Road rager attacks ambulance staff rescuing child

Close-up of a German ambulance in use.
Photo credit: Getty

A 10-year-old boy is battling for his life after a road rage motorist attacked ambulance staff trying to save him.

The young boy collapsed at a school in Berlin, Germany last Friday (local time) and paramedics rushed to resuscitate him.

But after his car was blocked in, an angry 23-year-old driver attacked the ambulance. He tore off a wing mirror and prevented the emergency service workers from retrieving an oxygen mask.

"Piss off! I've got to get to work," he allegedly said.

"I explained to him that we are trying to resuscitate a child and cannot move the ambulance," a paramedic told the Bild newspaper.

"I don't care who is being resuscitated," the motorist retorted.

"He took up a threatening posture in front of me, as if he was about to hit me," the paramedic continued.

Police were called so medical staff could help the child, and he was taken to hospital where he's in an induced coma.

The boy's father has attacked the man for his callous actions.

"This man's behaviour is unbelievable and inhuman," Thomas Funke says. "My son's life was in danger, and he only thought of himself."

The driver has been arrested, and faces charges of destruction of property for his attack on the ambulance.

He could also be charged with obstructing rescue workers, which carries a prison sentence of up to three years.