Runaway 7yo slips through airport security

Geneva Airport.
Geneva Airport. Photo credit: Getty

A seven-year-old girl has outsmarted security at Geneva Airport, managing to sneak her way onto a flight without a ticket.

The girl pretended to be travelling with adults and used her small size to squeeze through gaps unseen, an airport spokesman told the Associated Press.

She was caught the first time, but immediately tried again and managed to get onto an Easyjet flight bound for the French island of Corsica on Sunday (local time).

She was only caught when an Air France crew member told Easyjet to look out for the girl, and they found her on an Airbus 320 headed for the Mediterranean island.

"An unaccompanied child incorrectly boarded flight EZS1305 from Geneva to Ajaccio," Easyjet later admitted in a statement.

"The crew correctly identified the child should not be onboard and immediately reported it to the police."

The police then discovered the girl was at the airport alone - she'd slipped away from her parents at Geneva's central railway station, boarding a train to the airport.

The airport said it immediately introduced new security measures, including ensuring that all children are accompanied by an adult.

"This should never have happened," said spokesman Bernard Stampfli.

It's not yet clear why the girl ran away from her parents and tried to leave the country.