Scammed woman spends $100 on box of potatoes instead of iPhone 6

A US woman is crying foul after being tricked into buying a box of potatoes instead of an iPhone 6.

The unnamed woman posted a video of her reaction to video-sharing site Liveleak, showing the sad sight of the box filled with 11 dusty potato chunks.

She says she purchased the item from a black truck driving around her neighbourhood, covered in 'Black Friday' sale posters.

She thought she had found a bargain when the driver offered her an iPhone 6 from the back of the truck for $100 (NZ$145).

She checked with the truck owner, asking him to show her the phone and ring it to prove it was real.

 "I ask him to call the phone and he showed me the number and I'm like, 'Cool, it's legit. It's ringing. It's working. I want it,'" she said.

To the woman's dismay the man was able to quickly switch the iPhone out for the potatoes.

"I sit at my kitchen table about to play with the phone… The box is heavy, and I get home, and this n****r sold me a box of potatoes!" she said.

On top of this, the box also contained an Android charger.

"I am so hurt right now, imma have to go to jail, imma go outside and imma find these old n*****s," she said.

Sales from the back of trucks are known to take place in New Zealand, but like this purchase they are often shady.

Consumer NZ reported in 2016 after a year-long investigation non-compliance was found across the industry,

Truck sellers were found to be making it difficult for customers to cancel agreements, taking payments after the item was paid for and offering confusing payment plans.