Scientists propose a ban on glitter

  • 29/11/2017
Scientists propose a ban on glitter
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Scientists are calling for an end to glitter as the environmental impacts of plastic wreak havoc upon the ocean environment.

The Independent reports Massey University environmental anthropologist Dr Trisia Farrelly said she believes glitter needs to be banned because it's a microplastic.

A microplastic is a fragment of plastic less than 5mm, capable of being ingested by animals with fatal consequences.

Particularly troubling is the impact upon food, with some studies showing micro plastics being passed onto humans through fish.

One study by Professor Richard Thompson found plastic in a third of UK-caught fish.

Unlike micro beads a ban may be a long way off, but some retailers have moved towards more ethical forms of glitter.

UK-based beauty company Lush has created a new form of biodegradable glitter to put in its products, preventing excess waste heading out to sea.

"All the glitter and lustre that flows out through your bathroom, some of which may make its way back to the ocean, it will all be harmless for the environment, "the company said in a statement.