Squatters leave house drowning in Red Bull cans

Squatters leave house drowning in Red Bull cans
Photo credit: Twitter

Council workers in the UK have been confronted with a revolting sight after arriving at a vacated house to clear out the property. 

Photographs posted to Twitter show Red Bull cans littering the property, reaching knee-height in places, as well as mountains of cigarette butts, used takeaway containers and piles of dirty dishes.

The Sun reports the Manchester house was vacant for several weeks before the local council was forced to call in a clearance company to remove the mess. 

It is believed that the house may have been home to squatters during the weeks it sat empty.

Twitter user @Clashboy23 shared photos of the property, saying a friend of his who works for the clearance company took them.

"Friend of mine does house clearances for the council. She walked into this today. Good the see the owner was health conscious. #dietRedBull," he wrote.

Twitter users couldn't believe the photos, with many commenting on the state of the house.